Fiction impossible

Frank Heuel/Ivo Briedis

Eine Gemeinschaftsproduktion von fringe ensemble/phoenix5 und United Intimacy (Riga, LV)


Regie und Raum: Frank Heuel
Text: Ivo Briedis
Mit: David Fischer, Justine Hauer, Ivo Martinsons, Gundars Grasbergs, Eline Vane, Maija Doveika, Harald Redmer, Severin von Hoensbroech

Premiere am 17.02., Latvian National Theatre, Riga (LV)

Three independent theatres make the show „fiction Impossible”: theatre group “United Intimacy”—from Latvia; theatres „fringe ensemble” and „phoenix 5”—from Germany. The show is the first international collaboration project of independent theatres in Latvia. Producing the show, both sides—Latvia and Germany— participate not only in financing but also in providing the crew and artistic potential.

Four actors of the show are from “United Intimacy” and four actors from “fringe ensemble”. “fiction impossible” is produced in several stages: three-week rehearsals in Germany will be followed by one-month long rehearsal process in Latvia. The end result will be presented for evaluation in four shows at Alfred’s House. In turn, “fiction impossible” will travel to Bonn (“Theater im Ballsaal”) and Muenster (“Theater im Pumpenhaus”) from June 1st to 11th. Tours are also planned at other theatres of Europe.

“fiction impossible” will be a processual show: it is based on an “open” dramaturgical material, which is developed by playwright Ivo Briedis and German director Frank Heuel during the show’s ongoing production. The show takes shape from improvisations and impulses generated by the crew during the rehearsal process. “What to say? In which language to converse?”—human, national, cultural and environment confrontations occurred already from the first time Latvian and German actors met and acquainted. Both Latvian and German languages will be used in the show.

“Quest for identities and agreement. Failures and their defiance. The enchantment of the present moment. The show is made based on the views and reflections on life of its director, playwright, and actors from two different countries. Despite the countless differences, ensuing from the ethnic, professional, and personal peculiarities, we all are only human beings. While playing with stereotypes, conventional behaviour and thinking models, we have to arrive at the insight that, after all, there is nothing clearer and more important than the given moment and the way how you fulfil it.”
I. Briedis


Königlich absurdes Schauspiel
“Fiction Impossible” fasziniert mit deutsch-lettischer Sprachmixtur
Die Hälfte versteht man nicht. Es sei denn, man ist Lette. Aber dann würde man die andere Hälfte nicht verstehen, denn die wird Deutsch gesprochen. Zugegeben, es gibt manchmal eine Synchronübersetzung, doch die mündet meist in undefinierbares Stimmengewirr oder ist bewusst stümperhaft gehalten. Aber das macht nichts. Denn möglicherweise gibt es gar nichts zu verstehen. Dadurch versteht man es dann irgendwie doch. Das klingt zwar paradox, funktioniert aber komischerweise...

Münstersche Zeitung, 4. Juni 2005

"Performance with german actors"
In Alfred's house we watched a new show "Fiction Impossible", what is directed by german director Franks Hoils. We managed to be in two shows - the first and the last. We liked a lot this peculiar performance. We understood main lines what director wanted to say. Trough movements and music there were strange lightness and spirit in the air. Words in two languages, rhytm of women and men voices were like music. German actors looked very interesting, sensitive, tender. And we must be amazed with skills of our actors how they served this performance to spectators. Would like to compare the performance with abstractionism of visual art. Painting also has this absolute freedom, art is broken frames in direct and methaforic senses. Spectators really have to think what artist wanted to say, or to find his own version. This, in fact, is aim of art - to stimulate thinking. The last performance of F.Heuel we saw as the best, because all actors acted very free and emotionaly, very sensual was duet of Justine Hauer and Gundars Grasbergs. Thanks a lot to german director F.Heuel for this wonderful performance. With respect Ieva Vitola, Laura Aperane."

VOX POPULI from biggest newspaper of Latvia "Latvijas Avize" (from 7th of March)